Welcome to KCFA Baltimore

Welcome to the KCFA Baltimore website. KCFA (Kenya Christian Fellowship In America) is a christian organization that provides a platform to encourage and promote unity through fellowship for Kenyan Christians in North America. KCFA Baltimore serves Maryland and is just one of the many chapters within the United States of America. KCFA Baltimore has monthly non-denominational fellowships every 3rd Sunday of the month at 5315 Harford Road, Baltimore MD, 21214 starting promptly at 4pm. In addition, there are other departments designed to cater for specific demographics. Visit us and meet other kenyan Christians for a time of fellowship. Thank you and we hope to meet you soon!

About Us

KCFA Baltimore is a Non-Profit organization based in Baltimore Maryland. KCFA (Kenya Christian Fellowship in America) is an organization that birthed out of the desire for kindred fellowship. Kenyans living in the USA were missing the brand of worship, preaching and fellowship that their fellow countrymen enjoyed. A few people resolved to recreate that same atmosphere miles away from home and KCFA was born. It grew from local home fellowships to regional fellowships and eventually covering most of the continental USA. KCFA Baltimore is just one of many chapters in the USA.